Additional Blueprint Reviews by David Winfrey

Last modified: 30 January 2000

Bonus Blues Reviews by David Winfrey (


For you non-Trekkers in the audience (I'm a Trekkist, myself), the non-Trek blueprints supplement!!!

Assorted Ships Profiles - Valley Forge, U.S.S. Enterprise, Battlestar and Orion Shuttle

L. Allen Everhart Jr., Starcraft Productions, 1979 -11 x 17 (2 pg.), scales unstated -- $3.00

I'm delighted to begin these capsule reviews with the man I consider the best in his field, though not at his best by contemporary standards in this minimalist set. Included are side views of "2001's" Orion spaceplane, "Silent Running's" Valley Forge, the well-known Battlestar (presented here without its proper name) and the "interim" publicity-poster Enterprise refit for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," which is essentially an original series "E" with dorsal torpedo bay and swept-back-pylon nacelles bearing a close resemblance to those of the subsequent film (the design originated with pre-production work for the unmade "Star Trek II" TV series, for which a model was at least begun, as seen on pp. 60-61 of Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens' THE ART OF "STAR TREK;" it also appears as the Constitution II class of SHIPS OF THE STAR FLEET VOL. 1, which rendering is dissimilar to Everhart's). Everhart also shows a "scrap view," one half of a forward profile and the inner half of the aft for hangar, deflector, impulse and torp bay positioning; no pylons or nacelles appear here. Those accustomed to high-resolution printing and computer-generated linework will be disappointed with the profiles, whose small size renders the Battlestar's surface a bit unclear; the Valley Forge is needless to say even more sketchy. I commend Everhart's work, however, on the basis of a remark he made to me at our sole meeting at a small convention in Atlanta (where larger blueline - i.e., actual blueprints - of the Battlestar and Valley Forge were offered). Asked why he chose to show only the right side of the former, he replied that he lacked reference photos of the ship's overall asymmetric detail! This, of course, was long before the Internet, where close-up photos of a lovingly-restored Battlestar may now be seen. Allen died in the turret explosion of the U.S. Navy battleship Iowa; his presence on the blueprint scene is sorely missed.

Cruiser C-57D Ship's Information Booklet

Shane Johnson (approved by Dave Merriman), The Noron Group, 1983 - 17 x 22 (5 pg.), scale 1/8 in. = 1 ft. -- $7.95

A nice piece of work by the man responsible for MR. SCOTT'S GUIDE TO THE ENTERPRISE and THE WORLDS OF THE FEDERATION, who also did plans of TV's Jupiter II (which see) and (if memory serves), the Martian war machine of George Pal's film "War of the Worlds." The C-57D was the "flying saucer" by which United Planets crewmen came to Altair IV in Pal's "Forbidden Planet." I can't attest personally for the accuracy of these; rather, I take that on faith given Shane's Jupiter II and the "approval" of Dave Merriman, a professional modeler and long-time sf fan in his own right (a tiny image of his own "space ark" plans from "When Worlds Collide" appeared alongside his letter in an old Starlog). If you don't know this film, rush out and get it - it's an evocative 1950's presaging of "Trek," right down to ethical robots, things too terrible to know, and original series bridge sound effects. And buy the prints, too.

Gerry Anderson Blueprints Set One: "Thunderbirds Are Go!"

no artist's credits, date or scale data - 11 x 17 (15 pg.) -- $9.95

Top and side views of Thunderbirds 1-6 (the latter a biplane), same of the Mole, elevator car, FAB-1, "crablogger," Firefly, recovery vehicle, Side Winder, Zero-X (a biplane manned Mars ship) and Fireflash SST. Nicely drawn in blue ink, with pen and ink cover sketches in same. Accurate? Who knows? They're well drawn, that's all I'll say.

Gerry Anderson Blueprints Set Two: Stingray, Space: 1999, Joe 90, UFO, Captain Scarlet

no data here either - 11 x 17 (15 pg.) -- $9.95

This lot includes the usual 2 views of Stingray and its mechanical fish adversary; Moonbase Alpha's Eagle; Mac's car and the MSV (both from "Joe 90," I think); "UFO's" UFO, Skydiver, Luna Module, S.I.D. satellite, interceptor and SHADO mobile (somewhat different in shape and detail from the S.I.G. set, which see); the Angel interceptor, Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (and bonus side view of the S.S.C., a rather dumpy sports car), Spectrum helicopter, and SST (called "S.P.C."). The helicopter appears off compared to model photos, as does the UFO; other vehicles look about right. Of dubious use to modelers, what with the lack of fore/aft angles, but pleasing to the eye.

Nelson Institute of Marine Research - USS Seaview (original/revised) flying sub, diving bell, mini-sub

Bob Gentry, 1973 (? -- date apply to the fictional timeline, not the blues' date of issue) - 18 x 24 (2 pg.), scales unstated (Seaview is approximately 14.75 in. long, flying sub 4 in. wide) -- $4.95

Just what it says: top and side views of the eight-windowed movie version (labeled "1970-1971") and two-piece dual-windowed TV "refit" (labeled "1971 -"), and a second page with a side view of the mini-sub, a single angle on the diving bell, and fore, aft, top and side views of the flying sub, as well as a crude interior view of same. All in all, a rather roughly executed set - which is not to say inaccurate, though minute details (and the diving bell's overall shape) differ somewhat from Jim Key's 11 x 14 single sheet of same issued by Lunar Models some time ago (no date given).

S.I.G. Gerry Anderson Blueprints File One

Philip D. Rae, 1981-82 - 11 x 17 (4 pg.), various scales - no cover price

A nicely done set of plans of four vehicles from Gerry Anderson science fiction series, the first three featuring puppets, the last the puppet-like acting of the cast of "UFO." Featured are the (title vehicles) Supercar and Fireball XL-5 (both in fore, aft, top, bottom and side views), the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle of "Captain Scarlet" and the SHADO Mobile of "UFO" (the latter omit bottom views). The envelope has nice "in action" renderings of all four vehicles.