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From the Jargon File (aka Hacker's Dictionary):

ASCII art: n. The fine art of drawing diagrams using the ASCII character set (mainly `|', `-', `/', `\', and `+'). Also known as `character graphics' or `ASCII graphics'

This means that the images in this archive are not GIFs, JPEGs, AutoCAD blueprints, Lightwave renderings, or anything else of that nature. They're comprised entirely of characters you can type on a keyboard. Please stop sending me email complaining that the images are made out of little dashes. It's an art form, albeit a strange one.


News, Links, &c.

MOVING! To allow commenting, permalinks, news feeds and all that modern crap, the Star Trek ASCII Art Archive is moving to a blog format. It can now be found at:


This site will remain here for the forseeable future as a redirect and the old .TXT files will remain here as well, but will not be updated. There have already been plenty of updates on the blog including significant refinements to many ships. Check 'em out.





Other Stuff


Mostly GIF->ASCII conversions

(B/W) means it is best viewed with black text on a white background.
(W/B) means it is best viewed with white text on a black background.


All pictures are by Joshua Bell, unless marked with an asterisk (*) - those files should be credited internally. Any corrections to the attributions would be welcomed.

Joshua Bell, inexorabletash@gmail.com

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